An open path to a smart city

architectsBolognaWe talked on October, 18th at the Smart City Exhibition in Bologna (Italy) as keynote speaker at a round table between tekkies, university professors and architects interested in how digital technology can contribute to activate the new public spaces.

We showed our experience in Zaragoza, where city wifi, open source architecture and open place making form a promising mixture with the potential to become a succesiful experiment in engaging citizens in the making of a new, open city in the midst of the digital era. A city that suffers from the same problems that most of southern European cities do (unemployment, institutional legitimacy issues, austerity, etc) but a city that faces such challenges with an increasingly open an innovative approach in which civil servants act as facilitators and city hall premises are open workshops to enable citizens acquire new skills.

We told the audience, in sum, about the (open) path our city has taken towards an intelligent citizenship.

Italian journalist Francesca Battistoni kindly talked to us some days ago as part of the preparation of the Smart City Exhibition. Here is an excerpt of the interview: Continue reading