Alumbrado inteligente, sensible y con “sentido”

El diseño de sistemas de alumbrado inteligente pone de manifiesto algo que comentaba hace tiempo, en un post titulado “Smart Cities: sentido y sensibilidad”a la hora de desplegar nuevas soluciones tecnológicas en nuestras ciudades, hay que ser cuidadoso en no poner el “cerebro” (software) antes que la “sensibilidad” (los sensores) y, especialmente, que todo esto no fuera en contra del “sentido” (el factor humano y social).

Los ingenieros tenemos una fe casi ciega en la tecnología, hasta tal punto que tenemos tendencia a pensar antes en la solución que en el problema. Hace un par de años di un taller de “Smart Cities sin tecnología” en San Sebastián. Diseñamos un sistema de atención temprana a personas de avanzada edad usando a los tenderos del barrio como “vigilantes”, que ponían pegatinas rojas o verdes en el escaparate en función de que estas personas hubiesen o no pasado por la tienda en su rutina habitual, para proporcionar al asistente social del barrio, en su paseo diario, un “cuadro de mando” en tiempo real. Sigue leyendo


Zaragoza Smart Citizen Card: a tiny plastic card that fits 100 ideas

Just speaking on behalf of the Zaragoza Citizen Card’s outstanding team at the Cities in Transition International Conference

Let’s imagine how a tiny piece of plastic that fits in your wallet can both be a cashflow generator for the city and a tool for granting refugees access to the city public services. A piece of plastic that can be shared with a visitor through a mobile app or that can be used by a disabled person to pay for a taxi ride just the price of a bus trip. A card that encompasses 15 different other cards and that can turn as well into the digital passport to citizen partipation. Your all-in-one key to the city, or the future city social currency…

When the city hall becomes a facilitator, you can count on your ideas to be set in motion. We need everyone’s ideas to make a smart city, let’s move on to a zero waste circular economy of ideas! Let’s hack and co-create the Zaragoza’s Citizen Card!!


Citykeys: guidelines to measure our progress to a smarter future

During the last 2 years, we have been lucky enough to be part of an outstanding team: the Citykeys team. Lots of learning and thinking around tricky issues: what a smart city is (no one really knows), what smart city rankings should mean, how can we measure urban innovation or our progress towards a smarter urban future.

I write these lines in rainy Brussels, on the day after meeting with the European Comission’s reviewers, the discussions still fresh, a glimpse of nostalgia (the sense of an ending), a sort of rewarding feeling: that maybe our contribution may have had some impact in future European innovation policies.

This article is meant to be a quick guidelines into some of the project results, but it also contains personal reflections, in the form of a logbook, on the ample subjects covered by the project. Sigue leyendo


Data sharing and co-creation will boost urban innovation

Well, or so it seems. We are cruising through very busy weeks for our smart city team in Zaragoza. If I were to decipher the message that 2017 is bringing, I would say that data sharing and co-creation will certainly boost urban innovation in the forthcoming years. And that, in Zaragoza, we have some interesting tools to make it happen:

  • our smart Citizen Card, our “de facto” digital platform upon which we can build all sorts of services, from gamification to citizen participation
  • our Open Urban Lab, the co-creation lab of the city, located at the very core of Zaragoza’s flagship innovation hub “Etopia Center for Arts and Technology”
  • a thriving civic and innovation ecosystem and a program “100 Ideas ZGZ” conceived to set bottom-up ideas in motion, using the city as an innovation platform

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