Smart innovation through active citizen participation

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Daniel Sarasa’s interview for Nordic Smart Cities about smart innovation, whose original content can be found here.

If people are given the power to decide and be part of the decision-making process, their mark is felt all around. The city of Zaragoza manages not only to aim for active citizen participation, but to actually reinvent itself with the help of its people.

How can municipalities realize their potential for innovation?

The potential for innovation in municipalities truly lies in cities and in the citizens. There is a lot of talent in cities, hence we, the city hall and the public servants, have to make sure that we can gather as much talent and ideas as we can and put it into these Smart City projects or into the innovation process. That is the main issue and the main challenge. The reason why this is not easy is because we are so used to planning the city with a top-down perspective and it requires a complete shift from Smart City project managers or from the public servants to change their perspective. We need to open up and be able to take into account the ideas of our citizens, the ideas of our local ecosystem. Sigue leyendo

Retención de datos y privacidad

track-and-treasureRecientemente Telefonica ha anunciado una plataforma para recoger todos los datos que se comparten con los OTT *
La plataforma mostrará los datos compartidos por usuarios, siguiendo sus propias normas de configuración, por ejemplo, la localización, sensores del teléfono, links de navegación, etc.
Parece ser que esta plataforma busca tener una posición de fuerza ante las compañías en una situación de beneficios menguantes y competencia creciente. Las OTT ofrecen más servicios, los usuarios requieren más, la inversión en redes la soporta el operador, pero el grueso de los beneficios se los lleva la OTT. Sigue leyendo