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Green, connected and smart mobility. Brussels

brusselsOpenDaysInvited by ERRIN on the occasion of EU Open Days on Oct, 10th 2012, it was a pleasure to present Zaragoza’s strategy on smart mobility. Intermodality, public transport, bikes, pedestrian zones, sensors, platforms… all make for a green and connected mix upon which the Zaragoza RFID’s citizen card is the true all-in-one digital key that the city offers to its citizens.

In the past months, we have just written the city’s digital agenda, a true citizen-centric implementation of the general principles of a smart city that builds on the advanced innovation infrastructures and programs, many of them following open source principles, that the Mayor has fostered since 2003. We close the talk by highlighting the delicate balance between efficiency and democracy (or transparency, or participation, or open government, or personal rights and liberties)

“[…] our work is esentially about making citizens smarter, meaning being more autonomous to face an increasingly uncertain future… But while we struggle to improve democracy, the least we can do is make the trams arrive on time”

A link to the presentation can be found here. Thank you.