If you were the Mayor of Barcelona, what would you do with the MWC?

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You are reading the last post of a series “Your Mayor for President”, whose rough logic goes like this: We live in the era of the cities, so mayors are increasingly significant. On the other hand, austerity policies in Europe have provoked an earthquake in recent municipal Spanish elections, rising former 15M protesters very close to take the Mayor seat in Madrid, Barcelona or Zaragoza, three of the main Spanish cities. Since the political structures supporting Manuela Carmena (Madrid), Ada Colau (Barcelona) or Pedro Santisteve (Zaragoza) are the assemblies, or ‘circles’, we can infer that active citizens will more than ever influence the ‘big’ decisions. So, up to a certain point, ‘you’, reader, are increasingly significant in the global sphere. Now that it’s up to you to decide how you run innovation in, say… Barcelona, what do we do with the Mobile World Congress? Continue reading